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Air-conditioning -Case Study- 1

Replace Chiller System from Operational Retail Store -Area 25K Sq. Feet. There are 2 Floors (Ground +1) All 3 sides brick wall and one side glass fa├žade Floor height -12Feet for both the floors. The area is cooled through Chillers (Central Plant) and AHU’s via GSS Ducting. Ducts path have false ceiling otherwise no false ceiling Client don’t want modify the interior layout so, you cant touch the existing ducts. Available ODU Location at Terrace only. Suggest Best suitable option for this space. No Floor Area AC Tonnage Remark 1… Read more Air-conditioning -Case Study- 1

3 Ways to Stay Positive

There was one famous golf player and his name is Harry, One day he win the championship and he received prize of one thousand dollar, He was very happy and excited about his game and then he left from stadium and walking towards his car and suddenly one poor lady came close to him along with her small child and telling him that she is very poor and my child is facing serious disease for that I need one thousand dollar for his treatment if the treatment have not done… Read more 3 Ways to Stay Positive