3 Ways to Stay Positive

There was one famous golf player and his name is Harry,

One day he win the championship and he received prize of one thousand dollar,

He was very happy and excited about his game and then he left from stadium and walking towards his car and suddenly one poor lady came close to him along with her small child and telling him that she is very poor and my child is facing serious disease for that I need one thousand dollar for his treatment if the treatment have not done on time then my child will loss his life.

Harry was watching at cute child and then he decided to hand over 1000dollar cheque to that lady, and this news spread in the entire city.

After someday he went to play another important match and there were many people came to wish him, from that crowd one knowing person came to him closely and said you were cheated by the poor lady.

Last week you have given thousand dollars for her child treatment and not a single child died in last week.

He smiled and went to play the game by saying that “thank you god” last week not a single baby died.

Imagine yourself in this situation, what would done

Are situations in our control, No Right.

We have a choice to response to that situation coming to our life, either we should response in positive or negative way, Finally choice is ours how to respond to any situations.

So that why Bhagwan Mahavir Said – “Man is the creator of his own future”

You can develop your thoughts positively in following steps.

  1. Whenever you are talking with someone use positive words.
  2. Practice positive affirmations continuously
  3. Remove all the negative feelings from your mind and focus on positive thoughts.

I Believe that the above story and positive thinking methods are helpful for each and every person.

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